SAIBPP Wits Student Chapter

Student membership is open to all registered full-time students who are currently enrolled in a recognised academic institution in a full-time academic programme.  Students enrolled in part-time programmes are ineligible for Student Membership. Proof of enrolment will be required. University-based student chapters have been established to facilitate contact with student members. Each student chapter is led by an on-campus student executive elected every second year. Students are also invited to join the various committees.

Key Activities and Dates


Orientation week


First teaching block

Monday 05 February – Friday 23 March (34 days)

Mid-term Vacation/Study/Research break
Monday 05 February – Friday 23 March (34 days)

Second teaching block

Tuesday 03 April – Thursday 17 May (31 days)
Study Break
Friday 18 May–Friday 25 May (10 days)
Monday 28 May –Friday 22 June (20 days)
Winter Vacation/Study/Research break
Saturday 23 June–Sunday 15 July (23 days)

Third teaching block

Monday 16 July –Friday 31 August (34 days)
Mid-term Vacation/Study/Research break
Saturday 01 September–Sunday 09 September (9 days)

Fourth teaching block

Monday 10 September –Tuesday 23 October (31 days)
Study Break
Wednesday 24 October – Tuesday 30 October (7 days)
Wednesday 31 October – Tuesday 27 November (20 days)
Wednesday 24 October – Tuesday 30 October (7 days)
Summer Vacation/Study/Research break
Wednesday 28 November
  • Orientation Week
  • Welcome Evening
  • Mini Convention
  • Meet the leader series (four times annually)
  • Site tours
  • Youth in Property Seminars (two times annually)
  • Internships and Vac Work (Summer and Winter breaks as well as 12 month postgrad)
  • Mentorship (four base touching events i.e. once a block with a mandatory number of hours)
  • Executive Team Brief and team building
  • Property Careers Series
  • GBSCA Courses
  • End of Year Party (Fundraiser 2)