African Real Estate & Infrastructure Summit

The Property Buyer Show creates a one-stop-shop where prospective homeowners and property investors can interact with the brands that will help them find the perfect home or investment property. The Property Buyer Show will be taking place at the Sandton Convention Centre, 12 – 14 October 2018.

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Income and investment properties

Primary residence

New developments

Income and investment properties

How much can I afford based on my income?

What criteria do the banks use to decide if I will get a bond?

What is the Rent2Buy concept?

How do I make sure I am getting the best deal?

How much will the legal and transfer fees cost? and do I have to use my bank's law firm?

What is bond cover? Life insurance?

How long will the process take?

What is occupational rent?

What happens to my repayments if the interest rate goes up?

Where are the best areas for buy-to-let?

What rental returns can I expect?

Should I, and how can I, invest in international property?

What is the best way to manage Capital Gains Tax - buying in a trust or privately?

How do I structure my tax with the additional income from a rental?

Should I use a leasing agent, what are their fees and what service can I expect from them?

What am I responsible for in sectional title?

The Property Buyer Show recently won ‘Best Consumer Exhibition 6000sqm and under’ at the AAXO Roar Awards 2017 and is continuing to establish itself as South Africa’s premier property expo for finding the perfect first home or investment property.

The show will be making three appearances in the three major cities of South Africa in 2018, Cape Town in April, Durban in July and Johannesburg in October. For more information please visit