Learning & Growth Committee


The Learning & Growth committee is responsible for devising, managing and overseeing the organisation’s educational and skills development programmes.

Strategic priorities

  • Devise, implement and monitor educational and skills development programmes
  • Generate revenue through professional development courses and workshops
  • Support SAIBPPs advocacy through conducting research and providing a platform for existing research that serves the objectives of the organisation to be disseminated

Key Programmes


  • National Career Week: annual event to drive awareness of the career opportunities available in the sector to learners from less privileged communities.
  • SAIBPP Bursary Programme: Annual awarding of bursaries subject to availability of funding. A portion of the funding should be SSETA discretionary grant funding.
  • Student
  • Campus-based student chapters
    • Internship programme
    • Mentorship programme
    • Career guidance workshops: including the “Becoming a…” series of professional talks
    • Youth in Property Seminars
    • Meet the Leader series
  • Professional development Programmes
  • Property Entrepreneurship Course
  • Distressed Property Management Course
  • Research
  • In partnership with URERU (UCT Real Estate Research Unit) and Nedbank CPF
  • Research series: a national initiative where research is presented
  • IREM Partnership


The US-based Institute of Real Estate Managers (IREM) is the leading international association of professional property managers responsible for determining global best practice, promoting superior management and maximising value of real estate investments through education and certification. The 80-year-old organisation now boasts a global membership of 20000 individuals, 570 corporate members and 14 international chapters. SAIBPP has been working with the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM) since the early 1990s when the chairperson at the time, Mr Saul Gumede, first signed the protocol agreement between IREM and SAIBPP. The main objective of the protocol agreement was “to cooperatively build a foundation of ongoing education and professional credibility to enhance the stature of property managers in South Africa”.  A Memorandum of Understanding was signed between Wits University, SAIBPP and IREM on Friday the 18thof August.

Commercial property management is one of the few professions within the real estate sector that remains unregulated and unstandardised with limited options available locally for formal studies. The introduction of the IREM CPM qualification to the South African commercial property industry will not only introduce an internationally recognised standard for commercial property management but it will enable increased international mobility for domestically educated commercial property managers as the qualification is globally recognised and accredited.

The IREM CPM designation is currently being offered as an eight-day winter school programme at the Wits Professional Development Hub and is currently only available to existing holders of the Wits Post Graduate Diploma in Property Development and Management. This initiative is currently being sponsored by Pareto Ltd.


The Committee will be composed of a minimum of three (3) persons. One of these persons must be an ex-Officio member or Secretary of the Board. The Board will designate the Chairperson of the Committee, who shall be a Director.The Committee will be open. The presence of two members, including the Chairperson, shall be necessary to constitute a quorum at meetings of the Committee.The student chapters will report to the Chairperson of the regional Learning & Growth Committee. Each campus-based student chapter shall elect its own executive and recruit members.


  • Members will serve from appointment until the re-striking of the Committee. Should a vacancy occur on the Committee, for whatever reason, the committee chairperson may appoint a qualified person to fill that vacancy for the remainder of the vacant position’s term.
  • Committee members will be appointed for a 12-month term which is renewable annually should they still be willing to serve.
  • Committee members are required to be SAIBPP Members in good standing
  • Committee members are required to sign and adopt the code of conduct and be familiar with the committee’s terms of reference, strategic objectives and activities.
  • The Board may remove any member of the Committee.


The Committee shall meet by telephone or in person and shall be held fortnightly.

Meetings will be called by the Chairperson and organised by the CEO.


The Committee will receive the necessary resources from the CEO to fulfil its mandate, and mayfrom time to time have staff persons or external suppliers assigned to assist the Committee withits work.